Great People Wanted.
Take the Next Step. Drive for USAL!

What It Takes

Becoming a successful driver for US AutoLogistics requires a unique set of characteristics. In short, our drivers consistently exhibit a special blend of values-driven behavior, professionalism and high performance.

Commitment to Our Values
We recognize the diversity and contributions of each individual and the creativity that results from their efforts. Yet, all associates, regardless of tenure, are united by a common thread—a steadfast dedication to Our Values.

“Do-The-Right-Thing” Mindset
The technical and physical aspects of a driver’s role can be learned and reinforced through education, training and guidance. However, when faced with difficult or challenging situations, our associates are expected to do the right thing. Doing so is simply good business. US AutoLogistics does not tolerate anything less than ethical business conduct.

Determination and desire can have a remarkably positive impact on one’s successful driving career. Driver candidates must show an unwavering desire to pursue the best automobile transport career in the industry.